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Mobility for Crossfit

Increase Power and Prevent Injury! 


Most people can’t use their joints’ full range of motion, and don’t have very good joint stability. That’s okay – it’s part of modern life.

But if you want to excel in a high-performance sport like CrossFit, you need to fix your mobility restrictions. As you do you’ll see serious improvements in your training, including better PRs, easier reps, and fuller recovery.

Limited mobility can have a negative impact on your CrossFit performance in several ways.

  • You lose power by performing movements with less-than-optimal mechanics.
  • When you expend more energy in your movements than you otherwise would, it slows down your WOD progress.
  • When you can’t get your body into the optimal position for a particular movement, it makes the exercise much harder. For instance, in the shoulder press, if the weight is further forward than it should be because your upper back and shoulders are slumped and rounded, it’s harder to push up.

Feel free to attend our FREE weekly mobility class (Wednesday’s at 6pm) to help increase your mobility, gain optimal range of motion, prevent injury, and increase recovery!


CrossFit is:

  • an approach that combines all elements necessary to build functional fitness:  strength, endurance, agility. When we refer to “functional fitness” we mean fitness that helps you in your day-to-day life…lifting children & less-animated objects, maintaining good posture as you work and move around, feeling energetic and supple throughout the day.  We don’t just mean the type of fitness that makes bathing suit shopping a less stressful experience, though that’s certainly a positive side-effect that you’d also enjoy.
  • varied, so that boredom doesn’t set in (for your muscles or your brain) and lead you to skip predictable, repetitive workouts.
  • efficient: workouts consist of a series of warm-up exercises, some training on the specific skills required to do the workout that’s on deck that day (e.g., proper form for a push-up, or a deadlift, or wall-balls, etc…..there’s some terminology that we use but nothing that you need to be intimidated by, ANYBODY can do this stuff, seriously), then the workout itself, and then a brief cool-down.  Depending on the day, the main workout may last from 10 mins to 30 mins.  From start to finish we’ll be done in 45-60 mins. Regardless of the duration of the main part of the workout, we promise that you’ll be sweating and breathing hard, and that each workout will help you progress towards your fitness goals.
  • a supportive community of people who are striving to improve their fitness.  We don’t compete aggressively against each other; we leave our egos at the door and support each other.  Working out with a group provides encouragement and community that you don’t find with personal training, but avoids the impersonal anonymity that you sometimes find at larger, more traditional gyms.



New to Crossfit? Try our Fundamentals class! Crossfit Fundamentals is a judgment-free introduction class aimed at teaching the basics of the Crossfit style workout. Each class focuses on 2-3 specific Crossfit movements to ensure that new members perform exercises safely. Each class finishes with a Crossfit-style conditioning workout to build endurance and mental toughness. Some movements you can expect to learn are:

  • Clean and Jerk
  • Snatches
  • Deadlift
  • Back Squat
  • Strict Press and Push Press
  • Box Jumps
  • Wall Balls

Fundamentals is held 3 days a week for one hour and last 3 weeks. Each cycle begins at the beginning of every month so you must sign up before the start of the cycle. Once you have completed your course you may enter any one of our Crossfit classes. All you need to bring are tennis shoes, comfortable workout clothes, and a desire to better yourself and learn new skills.